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Cubus Technology
The Future of Tomorrow

of Payment and Loyalty Solutions


Our Mission

Our mission is to explore and take advantage of new technologies in order to create cutting edge software solutions that supports generating more profit for your business! We believe that the world has gone horizontal for too long – and it’s now time to move forward into the future.

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in creating complex software solutions tailored f or the airline industry, which includes: POS solution, payment gateway and back office systems. Our next goal is to innovate the bonus and loyalty world with the use of the edging blockchain technology. We aim to create a world, with endless possibilities for partner creations, campaigns, to earn and burn and exchange points easily on many platforms which is the essence of value creation for the consumer.

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What we Do

Cubus Technology is the mother company that holds a variety of technological platforms.

Cubus platform    Technology Platforms!

Cubus Technology currently develops an advanced platform to supporting Customer Loyalty and Bonus program in a broader sense. The platform includes backend systems, web interfaces and user apps. Everything base on edging technology and consumer understanding! We offer truly automated and new channels between you and your customers! Read more in the CubusLoyalty™

CubusLoyalty Cubus BlockchainLoyalty & Blockchain

There are a lot of challenges involved in handling loyalty programs and bonus points – from the earning as well as the burning perspective. It’s cumbersome to 1. Keep track of points, 2. Bookkeeping, 3. Signing new partners up for the program, 4. Launching and controlling campaigns, 5. Encouraging that points are used before expire and much more. This should not come as a surprise – the program will easily be forgotten by the consumer if it is too difficult to earn and burn points and if the options for burning are not high quality offers – in such cases the points may just stay in the balance until expirer and by a liability for the company until then! That is why we are building a Bonus and Loyalty platform based on the edging blockchain technology, where it will be possible, in a smooth and efficient way, to create new partnerships and to control the points as it’s supposed to: easy, efficient and smooth!

Cubus Technology CubusPOS tablet ios    CubusPOS™

Tailored for the airlines for on board sales of a range of products and services like: Duty Free, Bar service, Upgrades and more. It’s packed with features based on more than 3 decades of specialized industry knowledge of the complex business flow and processes. CubusPOS™ is designed to run on the iPad family of tablets. The interface is easy and intuitive to use as the user patterns are based on best practice that gives an second to none user experience, why the crew training is limited to a minimum. CubusPOS™ can be easily integrated into you existing back-office and other IT-infrastructure or it can be used with our state-of-the-art web-based CubusBOS™ system.
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Cubus Technology gear    CubusBOS™ - Back-Office System

Is our web-based back-office system to support and ease your operation. It is built to support the needs of today as well as tomorrow and integrates easily into your existing IT-infrastructure. It’s a powerful tool for planning, analyzing and optimizing the performance of your inflight sales business.

The CubusBOS™ is the key system that integrates CubusPOS™ into accounts, warehouse, order management, suppliers or packing lists as well as individual services, financial institutions, card companies, authorities, crew payment and loyalty programs. And did we mention a tool that helps you pack your trolley according to which customers are onboard?

CubusPOS™ The Travel Retail POS

CubusPOS™ is based on 3 decades of industry knowledge cooked down to an easy-to-integrate and simple-to-use iPad based POS system - that is why we, calmly, can say that CubusPOS™ probably is the best inflight sales system today!


Innovation To The Inflight Business

We believe that the only thing that’s in the way of innovating the inflight sales business is the cumbersome integration into the existing infrastructure and the long hours of crew training – but we believe that this is all solved with our “of-the-shelf” solution: CubusPOS™.


Is designed to run on the latest iOS and on iPad mini and iPad family. This insures a stable software platform and a user experience with an intuitive interface that requires second-to-non -training. Our deep industry knowledge insures that it comes with a wealth of features that will support your crew onboard for many years to come!

The Elements


•   iPad application   •   Chip & PIN BLE device. PCI compliant (online and offline)   •   Bluetooth printer as required.


•   A web service that makes it seamless to push product list and other data needed for the sales process on board - to the CubusPOS™ application as well as to push sales transaction data back to CubusBOS™


•   A web-based back office system that is built the way it’s supposed to. Supporting entire workflow involved in selling on board and aircraft. From preparation – to actual sales – to consolidation and reporting.

Know Your Customers

The key to increased customer satisfaction is to know what your customers want. Get insight from their previous purchases, give them special promotions and let them earn and burn frequent flyer miles.

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The current loyalty landscape and loyalty programs can – and should - no longer be managed the way they always have been. Programs and systems, alike, today still embrace the old original one-stop “earn” (currency) and one-stop “burn” (rewards) methodology – which does not meet the demand of 2018 and most important the future! That is why we are l ooking at introducing the edging Blockchain technology to make tomorrow possible! The million-dollar question is: How do we do it? First the consumer needs to feel valued and understand in order to create a strong loyal relationship 2. The consumer needs to have a variety of options for earning and burning their bonus points – which is not the case we see in loyalty programs as we speak. We need to form a future where research doesn’t tell that over 60% of all loyalty program members are never engaged with the program and around 30% of the total accumulated points are never redeemed. This is bad news for both the consumer that doesn’t gain anything from the program and secondly the company that only has expenses and no gains – and on top at that a liability on the books until the points are expired.


Blockchain isn’t good for everything – but one essential thing is clear: keeping track of ledgers. That is why we are aiming to build the first true clear, easy-to-use and maintain loyalty program platform - that easily can interface with our loyalty software solutions. And with Hedera Hashgraph’s (3rd generation blockchain) newly launch this can be done in the speed of light and with hundreds of thousands of transactions per second it simple outperform any existing alternatives.

Software as a service

We believe that in order to give your customer the best experience and thereby create loyalty, a solid and easy to use platform or universe has to be in place. That is why we are developing an environment where you are not bound and restricted by financials and software. And did we mention that you are in complete control of the customer data and all corresponding with GDPR!

CubusLoyalty™ system

By removing the existing barriers from old outdated bonus and loyalty programs, we are establishing a more sophisticated customer interactions and identification system. You can call it: “Beyond individual customer branding and control”. A good loyalty program is an environment that creates value for the end-users: let them ‘earn’ and ‘burn’ anywhere beyond borders, companies, industries and technologies! We believe in a omni channeled universe where everything is possible and ‘multi-branded’. As we say: Hello Tomorrow, Hello Future.


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