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Cubus Technology

We beleive a POS system should be much more than a collection of features. Above all, it should be absolutely simple, powerfull and reliable. A system that grow with your needs and dreams


Our team has more than 30 years of experience in creating complex software solutions tailored for the airline industry, which includes:
POS solutions, payment gateway, PCI solutions and Back Office Management Systems.
We create customer sales applications tailored to the airlines retail world through all-ready existing loyalty programs, enabling airlines to tab into yet undiscovered ancillary revenue.


We believe that our job is not just to sell goods but to deliver products and services at the Emotional and Life changning leves for the airliens customers to enhance the travel experience


We shape a future with adaptive SW analysing passengers behavioural patterns via tailor-made applications to create specialised personas for customised and contextual offerings in on-&-offline environment. And therefore increase airliens ancillary revenue and passengers travel experience.

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What we Do

At Cubus Technology we aim innovate and deliver a variety of supporting applications that will get your business to flourish.

Cubus platform    Technology Platforms!

It is states that 98% of all travelers are carrying 2 or more smart devices that they either except or want to use to interact with the airline while on the go. That is, one of many reasons, we are looking into the future to develop and innovate the way to purchase and interact with ancillary driven factors. We are constantly testing potential project, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are in need of a professional technology partner, with a deep knowledge about travel retail and ancillary business!

Cubus Technology POS    Software Services

We know that integrating new systems into existing complex workflows can be a very cumbersome and challenging job, that is why we have taken our knowledge and developed ‘stat-of-the-art’ software packages that ensures a smooth and easy process in all aspects.

Cubus Technology CubusPOS tablet ios    CubusPOS™

Tailored for the airlines for on board sales of a range of products and services like: Duty Free, Bar service, Upgrades, Lounge access, Pre-orders and much more. It is packed with features based on more than 3 decades of specialized industry knowledge of the complex business flow and processes. CubusPOS™ is designed to run on the Apple's iOS operating system. The interface is easy and intuitive to use as the user patterns are based on best practice, that gives an second to none user experience, why the crew training is limited to a minimum. CubusPOS™ can be easily integrated into you existing Back Office and other IT-infrastructure or it can be used with our state-of-the-art web-based CubusBOS™ system.
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Cubus Technology gear    CubusBOS™ - Back-Office System

Is our web-based back-office system to support and ease your operation. It is built to support the needs of today as well as tomorrow and integrates easily into your existing IT-infrastructure. It’s a powerful tool for planning, analyzing and optimizing the performance of your inflight sales business.

The CubusBOS™ is the key system that integrates CubusPOS™ into accounts, warehouse, order management, suppliers or packing lists as well as individual services, financial institutions, card companies, authorities, crew payment and loyalty programs. And did we mention a module that helps you pack your trolley according to the onboard passengers?

CubusPOS™ The Travel Retail POS

CubusPOS™ is based on 3 decades of industry knowledge cooked down to an easy-to-integrate and simple-to-use iOS based POS system - that is why we, calmly, can say that CubusPOS™ probably is the best inflight sales system today!


Innovation To The Inflight Business

Hence our light weight software services we can integrate, update and push data into existing infrastructures – almost with the blink of the eye. It is all build upon our many vast experiences based on many decades in the inflight retail business. Why we can ensure you a good, professional and long-lasting technology partner for your future operation.


Is designed to run on Apple’s iOS operating system. This ensures a stable software and hardware platform, and hence millions are using it, it gives an intuitive user interface that minimize the training required to a minimum! CubusPOS™ is build on our long and deep industry knowledge, why it comes with a wealth of features tailored to smoothen the onboard travel retail operation and drive your ancillary revenue to new heights!

The Elements


Our iOS Point of Sales App, that can be install on crew’s individual iPad’s or on trolley specific packed in BOND. Chip & PIN devices. PCI compliant (On and offline)


Is out light-weight synchronization service that ensures a smooth data transmission between Back Office and crew. CubusSYNC™ can easily be integrated to work with your existing Back Office if you wish not to use our CubusBOS™


Is our cloud based light weight Back Office Management System that’s supports the entire workflow. Preparation – Sales – Consolidation – Reporting.

Know Your Customers

CubusPOS™ is built to face the future or phrased in other words: be resilient. We know that the landscape is constantly changing and new technology trends are coming up every day as we speak. These trends are crucial to be ready to jump into as it’s an anticipation and expectation from the customers that airlines are offering channels that they wish to communicate on. As stated passengers are travelling with an increasing number of smart devices that they wish to use while on the go, and most importunately roughly 80% are willing to give away more data to get a more personalized and frictionless travel experience!


Partnership with leading Tech, Hardware and Accessories providers from around the world ensures that Cubus only delivers with the highest quality imaginable




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Cubus Code of Ethical & CSR

“Cubus Technology was founded on the sole belief that every single person in our ‘Cubus family’ matters. We can only truly innovate and deliver when we stand together with a common yet diversified mindset”

Our Values

‘Caring about detail & maximum commitment’ We always have an eye for details and only deliver state of the art products, this is based on our big commitment to our customers, long-lasting relationships and ownership for projects, big-as-small.

‘Client Value Creation’ we exist solely to create value for our customer and their customers, we listen and take notice to create value for all parties.

‘Acting & taking responsibility’ we take action and responsibility for all projects in-house as well as customers.

‘Passion & Integrity’ means that we use drive and commitment and only hire and work with people that shares the same value and integrity as we can vouch for.

‘Diversity’ We know it takes people with different strengths, interests and cultural background to make our company succeed, that is why we seeks diversity and encourage to a healthy debate and tone.

Our Goals

Build a healthy business environment that enriches people’s lives at work, at home and in the community. We encourage our employees to give more then they take.

  • Build a diversified team that is gender, race and age neutral
  • Inspire our employees to be the best of whom they are in order to grow the most to drive innovation, craftsmanship and quality into all aspects
  • Take part and support the global/local environmental and social responsibility to fuel for a better life
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